Chronology of the projects I've worked on.

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Web / App Installation Video Teaching Strategy/Prototype VR/AR/3D Computer Vision/ML

Jobby Jobs

Agency and Professional Work

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Mozilla Prototypes


Prototypes for the suite of Mozilla products

Nike Retail Fit Prototype

Nike Retail Fit

Retail store installation that explores what it would be like to get your perfect clothing fit with a couple of selfies from your phone.



UX for the first user controlled multicam broadcast of a pro sports event in VR


PATH Global Health

Stylish and accessible website for a global non-profit championing a great cause

Nike Foundation

Nike Foundation

Prototyping butter smooth animations and UX for the next generation of Nike

HP 2Days Beat Crowd-sourced live music video

2Days Beat

The first crowd-sourced, live-streamed, real-time music video recording by HP and rapper Vic Mensa

IBM Watson Cognitive Cooking Food Truck

Cognitive Cooking

An AI-powered food truck cooks up what the people want.

Facebook F8 2018

Facebook F8

A generative-system-as-brand for Facebook's annual tech conference


Steelcase Innovation

Telling the story of Steelcase's path forward through compelling animated visuals

Nike Retail Concepts

Nike Retail Concepts

A tool that makes new store configuration easier for Nike.

Biofutures Exhibit at Tech Museum of Innovation

Biofutures Exhibit

In which we throw everything including the kitchen sink at this 10 year installation for the Tech Museum of Innovation.

Exhibit Columbus

Exhibit Columbus

Imagine the future of a city and enact change with this outdoor installation.

Chord Connect Mobile App

Chord Connect Mobile App

Reinventing the QR code with computer vision for iOS and Android

AMEX Shop Small

AMEX Shop Small

Find all the items on your Christmas List while supporting small business

Jordan 25

Jordan 25

Evolution of the Jordan Sneaker Kiosk for Nike SoHo Flagship Store

1985 Website


Hanging with the cool kids for this uniquely designed website


Prototypes, installations, and not-work work

The Shape of Empty Space / Responsive Eye

Shape of Empty Space

Interactive Online Exhibit for Artist Peter Burr

WebGL / 3D


Experiments in WebGL / Three.JS / AR / VR / etc.

Animated StyleGAN Transitions

StyleGAN Animations

Endlessly generated fictitious landscapes, blended together with the power of Machine Learning

CETI Winter Lights Festival

Winter Lights Festival

I helped to organize a hackathon and showcase as well as build an installation as a member of the Creative and Emerging Technology Institute.

Identity Portal Installation for Gray Area

Gray Area: Identity Portal

Machine Learning Installation with Romie Littrell for Gray Area San Francisco's "End of You" Exhibit

Pickathon Aural Borealis Installation

Pickathon: Aural Borealis

Make music in the forest with this sound+light installation

Kinect Dance Experiment

Kinect Videos

Depth-captured music video brings unlimited camera angles and directorial control from a single 3D sensor.

Computer vision experiments using Kinect, Maya, Unity, and Pix2Pix

Computer Vision Experiments

Mashing up the way that humans and computers see the world.

Machine Learning Experiments using ml5, openFrameworks, tensorflow,and pix2pix

Machine Learning Experiments

ML music videos, Presidents in Picasso, Sound-controlled Zelda, and other AI weirdness.

Making Machines Talk Workshops through PNCA and ITP at NYU

Making Machines Talk

This course at Pacific Northwest College of Art makes software and hardware that wouldn't normally cooperate, talk the same language.

Trimet Bus Signage

Next Bus Signage

Signage can have a great affect on how we move through our day. This smart sign boosts browsing and decrease missed-bus anxiety.

Slack Bluetooth DND device with Lightblue Bean

Slack Do Not Disturb Device

Wish you could get some undisturbed work time by simply pushing a button? This prototype makes it possible.

Generative graphics for Cave Exits by Peter Burr

Cave Exits Prototypes

Code-driven collaboration with visual artist Peter Burr. Generative mazes, cellular automata, 10print technobabble.

Arduino Mystery Box

Arduino Mystery Box

A sensor-controlled secret treasure box.

Carpentry and Home Remodel Projects

Carpentry + Remodel

Various wood working and home remodel jobs, including a ground to ceiling basement remodel and tiny house.