Making Machines Talk

Workshops I taught through NYU’s ITP summer camp, and through Pacific Northwest College of the Art’s Make+Think+Code program. The classes cover methods by which to exchange data between software and hardware that wasn’t originally designed to talk to one another by leveraging their underlying protocols. .

ROLE: Instructor: Protocols, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Creative Coding

TECH: OSC,MadMapper,Syphon,Max MSP,Ableton Live, Unity, Bluetooth, Microcontrollers, AppleScript

Air Mouse

Who said the mouse had to be confined to a desk. Controlling a 3D scene in WebGL using a Bluetooth Accelerometer and the HID protocol

Project Mapped Mashup

Compositing graphics in Mad Mapper using KodeLife GL shaders, processing, and Slitscan Webcam Capture from openFrameworks.

Making Machines Talk 1

An introduction to protocols. Open Sound Control to control games and music with physical hardware. HID for virtual mice and keyboards.

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Making Machines Talk 2

AppleScript for automated project documentation. Syphon for sharing graphics across applications. Controlling household devices with microcontrollers and voice commands.

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Real Time Cross-Program Compositing

Compositing openFrameworks graphics with webcam video in Jitter | Max using Syphon

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