IBM Cognitive Cooking

Cognitive Cooking at SXSW with IBM's Watson

CLIENTS: Stink Digital for IBM

ROLE: Web Development, API Integration, Data Visualization

TECH: D3.js, Twitter API, IBM Watson

Cognitive Cooking Foodtruck Voting App

Vote for your Favorite AI Food

Watson makes the recipes, the truck shows the menu, you cast your vote, the chefs at ICE cook it for the masses. I programmed the app and screens that tie it all together.

IBM Cognitive Cooking Food Truck

Cognitive Cooking Food Truck

The truck was always on the move, and part of my job was to follow it and make sure things were running smoothly - menus showing up on screen, votes being cast accurately.

Long lines at SXSW for IBM's AI-inspired recipes

Long lines for AI Food

We had a non-stop line at SXSW for AI-inspired recipes. I'm somewhere behind that truck in a mud pit monitoring votes and giving the chefs an idea of what to prepare for.

Chefs at ICE

Served on ICE

Chefs from the Institute of Culinary Education were responsible for making delicious food from the recipes.