Aural Borealis

An installation selected for the 2018 Pickathon Festival - this project consisted of 9 custom-cast stepping stones housing contact switches and LEDs, each triggering a unique sound played via scripts written for PyGame, a sound and gaming library running on a raspberry Pi. The LEDs were controlled by Fade Candy, a software / hardware neopixel driver, and the sounds were recorded by John Waley. Group members include John Brown, Emma Follender, John Farrell, and producer Stephanie Lanning.

TEAM: John Brown, John Farrell, Emma Follender, John Waley, Stephanie Lanning, Kate Wolf

TAGS: installation,pickathon,raspberry pi,concert,fabrication

Kids playing with aural borealis at night

Aural Borealis at Night

Why is it always ten times more fun to watch kids playing with things than adults?

Triaging the sensors in the field

Field Triage

As John Brown says, "sometimes you gotta solder in the woods." Photo by him.

My Dad Flexing His Portland Hipster Knowledge

Most Hipster Event on the Planet

My Dad Flexing His Portlanbd Hipster Knowledge.