Machine Learning

While solving very complex practical problems has been a task of ML for a long time, its prominence in the realm of Art has only recently begun to rise. These are some of my attempts to explore its capabilities in that space.

TAGS: machine learning, tensorflow,paperspace,ml5,style transfer, word vectors

What happens to the soul?

A Machine Learning generated music video using BigGan, Magenta, and Botnik Predictive Writer's Ludacris voice

Proximity driven text size adjuster

Webcam Proximity Text Size Adjuster

Using Machine Learning to adjust the size and characteristics of variable fonts according to a user's proximity to the screen.

Word Vector Live Thesaurus

Real-Time Word Suggester

Suggests word embedding-based suggestions for text as you type.

Playing Games with Sound

In this video I've trained a model to distinguish between various sounds - whistling, drumming, clapping, and my best lil' jon impersonation. Each sound controls a key on the keyboard. In this video I'm using sound to control a game of Zelda.

Machine learning style transfer using ml5 and tensorflow

Style Transfer

Training a model on the style of one image in order to render that style to any random image - a sort of hyper-advanced photoshop filter. This example uses Hokusai's Great Wave off Kanagawa