Kinect Videos

Depth-captured music video brings unlimited camera angles and directorial control from a single 3D sensor.

TECH: kinect,depth kit, processing, java, cinema4d, after effects

ROLE: filming, motion capture, 3D integration, post-production

Kinect Dance Experiment

An experimental dance video filmed using a custom DSLR / Kinect camera rig, and visualized using Processing code to log the positions of the Kinect point cloud and visualized using python code for C4D, and supplemented by Plexus for After Effects to connect the lines between the point cloud data. Made in conjunction with Kinda Akash who directed the shoot and Toros Kose who did some really nice After Effects work, through the support and encouragement of Geraint Owen and Superfad.

The Visual Art of Brian Eno

Many of the Kinect Videos I shot were filmed using Deph Kit. Because I was one of the early adopters, I was fortunate enough to be invited to help in the filming of various projects, including a documentary for Red Bull by M SS NG P ECES exploring the Visual Art of Brian Eno. I helped set up, calibrate, and monitor the cameras, and to later aid in choosing which shots got exported for video. Other projects which did not make it to production included the filming of a music video for Big Sean's song 'Ashley' feat. Miguel, and another video for Italian Artist Lorenzo.

TEAM: James George, Alexander Porter, Jonathan Minard, M SS NG P ECES, Red Bull Music Academy


One thing I like about using the Kinect as a tool for filming is that you can keep your camera stationary on a tripod, and later visualize what you shot from almost any angle - close or far, high or low, left or right. And while the DepthKit software is capable of much higher fidelity, I like to keep the mesh sparse and a bit out of calibration, so that the software has to try and interpolate points that often aren't connected, which gives the long striations you see in this video, of yoga instructor Renee Sills.