UX for the first user controlled multicam broadcast of a pro sports event in VR.

CLIENTS: Instrument with Intel for Turner Broadcasting

ROLE: UX, Animation, API Integration

TECH: Unity, C#, Oculus

TAGS: virtual reality,nba,sports

Studio J Game Selection Screen

I developed a number of prototypes in both Unity and A-Frame VR to test different interaction methods for how to navigate between the multitude of content available within the app, including gestural tests such as swiping, gaze, and 360 degree look around. A lot of time was spent testing what was possible graphics and animation-wise, given a limited amount of bandwidth and processing power, and the need to support phone-mounted VR devices.

In-Game View

In-Game View

I worked on the early prototypes for the scoreboard and game stats layout. As one of the first teams to get to work with Intel's API, we also did a lot of work testing and providing feedback on how to consume and stream the content. Getting statistics to lay out fluidly within Unity was an interesting new challenge as well.

Animation Prototyping

Much of my work involved getting just the right look and feel to the 3D UI.

VR Studio

Game cards in situ

These interactions need to not only feel right responsively, but also make sense spatially in relation to all of the other navigation elements

Early reviews seem positive.

Stadium View

Menu to select viewing experiences for a chosen game.

Early reviews seem positive.

Early Reviews Seem Positive

I didn't have much to do with the technical hurdles and high level of polish that the team implemented in the later stages of this release, but I definitely got a taste in laying the groundwork. Will be excited to see how it evolves, as more sports are on the horizon.

Reggie Miller checking out the virtual goods

Reggie Miller Checking Out the Goods

There's a lot to iron out technically. Streaming so much video, keeping it in synch, familiarizing users with navigating sports games in a new way, but early reviews seem positive. Even Former NBA Great Reggie Miller seemed impressed.