Winter Lights Festival

Hackathon and Showcase for Portland Winter Lights Festival 2020

ROLE: event coordinator, project assistance, installation artist

CETI Winter Lights Festival 2020 at the Riveter Portland

Hackathon + Showcase

As a coordinator for Constelations, an official satellite location of the Portland Winter Lights Festival, I helped secure two venues (The Riveter, 11:11), food and beverage sponsors, and technology for a 3 day hackathon and art+tech showcase.

Hackathon Project Support

Project Support

The Hackathon received more than one hundred applications from various technical, design, and arts disciplines, and the showcase received more than a thousand visitors. When I wasn't coordinating details of the event, I made myself available for technical assistance on projects.

Interactive Kinect Installation at Kex Hostel Portland

From the interactive...

Sculptural installation at the Riveter Portland

To the Sculptural...

Audio Visual Installation for CETI Winter Lights Festival

To the audio visual...

Trampoline Simon Says

To the physical.

My own contribution was "CETI Says" - A recreation of the handheld game "Simon" from the 80s, on trampolines.