Exhibit Columbus

Imagine the future of a city and enact change with this outdoor installation.

CLIENTS: Extrapolation Factory for the city of Columbus, Indiana

ROLE: Development, animation, data visualization, CMS, Storage, and API integration

TECH: React, Contentful, Firebase, D3.js

Imagining the Future of the City

This installation for Exhibit Columbus installed across from City Hall encourages the public to share future visions for the city with the mayor's office. I was hired by Extrapolation Factory to do all of the programming for the experience - developed in React with a Contentful CMS and Firebase to handle uploads. Working with these tools allowed us to create the installation quickly and on a modest budget.

Steelcase Smart+Connected Image 1.

Conveying the Future of Smart+Connected Spaces

The website needed to show from the macro to micro-levels how the company was working across multiple distributed divisions to create a smarter office environment.