Cave Exits

A series of prototypes done for video artist Peter Burr installation Cave Exits. The work I did was only small part of the greater experience by Peter Burr. You can watch a preview of Cave Exits here.


TAGS: game of life, processing,generative,ui,maze


We started to experiment with an early computer simulation written in basic called 10print. Its premise is simple - generate a random diagonal line leaning forward or backward. These were variations on the concept done in Processing.

Maze Generation

In the piece, the main character explores an abandoned arcology. We explored a few maze generation algorithms, also in processing. You can see that one of these becomes the logo for her Stoma, explained in a video below.


To render out the desired stops and starts we wanted in the output of 10print, as well as the dimensions of the canvas necessary for the very wide screen wall projections, we used Flash.


The main character of the experience has a surgical biotech implant, Stoma, which provides information about her environment. This was a startup screen prototype featuring a labyrinth generated in processing.

Cave Exits Generative Maze Algorithm Identity

Hexagonal Maze

The hexagonal maze I generated in processing became a badge for the main character, seen above on the right side of this 4 panel enclosure.