Stylish and accessible website for a global non-profit championing a great cause.

CLIENTS: Instrument for Path Global Health

ROLE: Web Development, Infrastructure, Accessibility, Testing

TECH: Python / Django / Wagtail CMS / Azure

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Path Desktop 02
Path Desktop 03
Mobile Screens

Engineered to Support a Global Audience

I helped this global NGO modernize a website of 1000+ pages. I was an integral part of a team of 3 initial Developers tasked with coming up with the tech-stack, infrastructure, processes, build-systems, accessibility and testing measures, distribution and deployment mechanisms. I later returned to the project as part of a team of 8-10 overall Developers in charge of coding site templates.

The site had to be developed to work with a wide arrange of devices, running on low bandwidth and older operating systems and browsers, support non-javascript mode, and accommodate WCAG AA guidelines.