Steelcase Innovation Website

Responsive Scrolling Animation Driven Website

CLIENTS: Instrument for Steelcase

ROLE: Web Development, Animation, Technical Strategy

TECH: Javascript, animation, d3.js

Steelcase Innovation Website

Steelcase Smart+Connected Image 1.

Conveying the Future of Smart+Connected Spaces

The website needed to show from the macro to micro-levels how the company was working across multiple distributed divisions to create a smarter office environment.

Steelcase Smart+Connected Image 2.

Smart+Connected Furniture

That included innovations like lights that brighten as you walk up to a table that remembers the height at which you like it set, and a screen showing your meeting attendees, ready and waiting for you as you arrive..

Steelcase Smart+Connected Image 3.

Spaces that change throughout the day

It was important to convey that spaces should adjust throughout the day, changing in response to environment, lighting, and use.

Steelcase Smart+Connected Image 4.

Sharing Ideas

Most importantly, Steelcase wanted to get feedback from its employees, in order to foster a culture of innovation and create agency among stakeholders at all levels of the company.