Identity Portal

Enter a futuristic version of San Francisco where nature and technology have merged

TECH: machine learning, webGL, style transfer

Line to enter the exhibit

Lining up to enter

In order to enter the exhibit, visitors had to stand in front of the Regis-Tree, which asks you to choose a nature-based collective with which to identify yourself, and take a photo of yourself.

The RegisTree

The RegisTree

Romie Littrell did a great job fabricating the tree which houses the screen - chicken wire, spray foam, alligator clips. A camera hides in the crook of one of the branches to take the user's photo.

App Initiation

App Screen

The attract sequence to interact with the RegisTree was a custom GLSL shader.

App Walkthrough

I implemented a real-time arbitrary style transfer model to render each visitor's face as stylized by their chosen collective.

After the photo is taken, it is stored on a local filesystem and picked up by a custom script which sends it to the printer.

The user gets a badge with their stylized face which gets them into the exhibit, and various other events around the city.