Nike Retail Fit Prototype

Retail store installation that explores what it would be like to get your perfect clothing fit with a couple of selfies from your phone.

CLIENTS: Instrument with Axiom for Nike

ROLE: Developer, microelectronics and lighting prototyper, technical strategy

TECH: Arduino, React Native, Sensors

Nike Fit App Screens

App Screens

Most of the work on the app experience involved making the process as quick and easy as possible for users, getting them comfortable with the idea of having their picture taken and highlighting the benefits of having accurate sizing across multiple product lines. It was a fun UX challenge.

Initial Desk Prototype

Prototype 1

The implementation of the physical device came in phases. Above is the first rough prototype, just a car phone holder mounted to a desk, and a laser cut foam ring outfitted with LEDs to test a ring shape as a form factor. In user testing, we would physically trigger lighting effects with a button to correspond to various user interactions.

Christmas Tree Stand Prototype

Prototype 2

The next step was to develop a free standing and fully autonomous prototype. We dubbed it the Christmas Tree, because I used a tree stand to hold the pole upright. One requirement was that there be no communication between the stand and the user's mobile device - wifi, bluetooth, RFID, etc. So to synchronize the lighting effects with the app experience, we programmed the app so that, once upright and motionless, it triggered a camera flash which was detected by a photocell mounted in the phone holder.

Axiom Prototype

Prototype 3

For the final stages of user testing we needed a polished device, and turned to the experts at Axiom, who in less than two weeks had developed a custom molded stand to neatly house away all the wires and electronics and diffuse the LEDs. Later iterations incorporated battery power and indicators, and a 2 piece assembly so the stand could be broken down for transport for testing in various Nike stores.