More than writing code, I love to make physical things, including various home and office space remodels I’ve made throughout the years, where I was responsible for things like framing, carpet laying, wood refinishing, tile flooring, drywall, demolition, electrical, plumbing for finished sinks, tubs and sump pumps, and drafting architectural models to help visualize things like stairway placement and deck size. The feeling of creating a finished project which is tangible and long-standing is incredibly rewarding.

CREW: Tim Heavers, Kathy Heavers, Paloma Medina, Gerardo Medina, Martin Medina

TAGS: carpentry,remodel,fabrication,tiny house

Shed remodel

Starting Point

The back of the property looked out at a beautiful lake. An unassuming shed at the back of the property seemed like a great way to take advantage of the sun and the view.

Installing windows and insulation, electrical wiring


Here a few windows have been installed, electrical has been run from the main house, and insulation installed.

Finished shed

Finished Shed

The finished shed made room for a deck, an outdoor shower, 6 windows, a fire pit, a desk, chair, daybed, and upper bed loft.

Shed interior


The interior was finished with pergot wood floors, birch ply and drywall, and painted wood beams, and utilized a lot of leftover materials from the interior remodeling we'd done.

Outdoor shower and garden


A propane powered outdoor shower, wood pile for the fire pit, garden, and a view of the lake. The weeds have been cleared and filled with gravel and pavers for secluded access to the shower.

Stairs pre-remodel

An upstairs with no stairs

We bought a beautiful little house in upstate New York, but the problem was that it had ladders, but no stairs. Figuring a way to break through was a challenge.

Stairs pre-remodel

Breaking through

With a little help from Sketchup (and a lot of help from Martin Medina), we found a way to make it happen. It also involved moving the door to the lower bedroom.

Drafting plans in Sketchup


House floorplans.

Again with the ladders

Again with the ladders

Pre-upstairs remodel.

Finished stairs

Finished Stairs

The stairs had to make a bit of a bend due to ceiling height, as well as leave room for walking under, so we got creative. The end result left room for a closet behind the wall as well as easy access to the loft.

3D Model pre-remodel


3D Model of the House Pre-Remodel

3D Model post-remodel


3D Model of the House Post-Remodel. Stairs, wood stove, windows, side deck, and closets were all new additions.

3D Model with House Fixtures

With Fixtures

3D Modeling Including Fixtures