Prototyping butter smooth animations and UX for the next generation of Nike

CLIENTS: Instrument for Nike

ROLE: UX, Development, Animation

TECH: React, React Native

Nike Component Library

Component Library

Part of the task was to build out a component library, striking the right balance of simplicity, style, of intuitiveness for the user experience.

Nike Prodct Gridwall

User Experience

Another key task was analyzing how people navigate the site - where they expect to find things, what they expect them to say, how they like the interactions to feel, and how to make things run as smoothly as possible.

Custom Interactions for Native Devices

Developing for the Nike+ App was a constant assessment of the balance between simplicity, refinement, and just enough uniqueness to set the brand apart. I spent a lot of time on subtle UI animations and polishes, as well as some custom components such as a pinch-zoom product carousel viewer and an animated expandable accordion menu.

The prototyping of the app often required that we fork different elements of the design into completely different UI Journeys, and assess how people used them, whether they were likely to click through to products, and where they got confused. Did they want to see imagery, text, buttons? Did they want to scroll through or click to drill down?