2Days Beat

A two day music recording collaboration between rapper vic mensa and producer Clams Casino, influenced in real time by user comments. The event was broadcast live on youtube, sponsored by HP, and garnered over 10,000 youtube comments. We had to create a site which would moderate and display all of the information as it came in - choosing what information to send to the live comment ticker on stage for the artists, what to display on the website, as well as a voting mechanism which would drive on-stage practical effects for the music video.

TEAM: Stink Studios, Greg Brunkalla, 180 LA, Vic Mensa, Clams Casino

TAGS: live event,youtube,cms,api

2Days Beat Youtube Page

2Days Beat Youtube Page

Youtube Page for the live event showing voting (updated in real time), the video stream, and stats. The site also featured 360 degree product views of the HP laptop used to compose the track, a live comment feed, and real time moderation.