Mozilla Prototypes

Experiments for Mozilla

TAGS: pocket,mozilla hubs,security,privacy,ux

ROLE: design, strategy, ux, development, research

TECH: figma,javascript,qt,flask,webgl

Mozilla Podcast Prototypes

Podcast Research + Prototypes

Novel methods for podcast analytics and interaction, AI transcription and episode assistants, and a cross-platform podcast player built in React Native.

Mozfest VR Accessibility Experience and Panel

Decentralized Web Explorations

A suite of decentralized technology prototypes, including blockchain-based private messaging, credential issuance / verification , e-mail address reputation analysis, and web-based biometric authentication (face, voice, and touchID)

Mozfest VR Accessibility Experience and Panel

Data Removal Pilot

A service which automates the removal of your information from databroker and people search scrapers.


Mozfest VR Accessibility Experience and Panel

Mozfest VR Accessibility Event

A conference panel and interactive installation highlighting the concerns and best practices for accessibility in VR

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Pocket Reading Incentives Thumbnail

Pocket Reading Incentives

Prototypes which integrate Pocket into a larger web ecosystem to incentivize, create reading habits, and make reading easier and more inclusive.

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Mozilla Ecosystem Visualizer

Repo Visualizer

Analyzes Github for Mozilla's repos and visualizes their common languages / technologies

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Values Based Recommendation Animation

Values-Based Shopping

Firefox Extension prototype that uses Wordnet to topically analyze the web pages you view for their alignment with your specified values criteria.

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Mozilla VPN Reviews Word Cloud

Mozilla VPN Funnel

Redesign the VPN Purchase Process and analyze Google Play Reviews with Machine Learning to identify common themes

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