Photo Background Replacement with Deeplab

Train a Machine Learning model using Tensorflow and Deeplab to separate your chosen subject from its background in any photo

machine learning, tensorflow, deeplab,openCV, computer vision

What you'll be making:

Background Replacement and Segmentation Masks


This tutorial covers how to set up Deeplab within Tensorflow to train your own machine learning model, with a focus on separating humans from the background of a photograph in order to perform background replacement.

Key Learnings

  • How to Prepare a dataset including scraping, processing, resizing, and renaming things without having to write a bunch of code
  • How to Train a machine learning model in Tensorflow
  • How to Visualize the results of machine learning model training
  • How to Refine segmentation masks with openCV
  • How to Automate the background replacement process

Video Tutorial 1: Scraping images, preparing a dataset, and training a model in Tensorflow:

Video Tutorial 2: Visualizing results and automating background replacement with openCV