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Things I've Built

Prototypes, installations, and not-work work

Nike Retail Fit Prototype

Nike Retail Fit Prototypes

App and Installation Prototypes for clothing fit sizing via your phone



VR prototypes and UX in Unity for Intel

Trimet Bus Signage

Next Bus Signage

Prototype for a lower power in-store sign to display bus arrival times by stop ID

Pickathon Aural Borealis Installation

Aural Borealis

Light + Sound Installation for Pickathon Music Festival using Python, node.js, and Raspberry Pi

Biofutures Exhibit at Tech Museum of Innovation

Biofutures Exhibit

Tech Museum of Innovation - make a biosynthetic creation and watch it interact with others in a virtual world

Kinect Dance Experiment

Kinect Videos

3D videos filmed using a custom DSLR/3D camera rig and visualized with processing and openFrameworks

Computer vision experiments using Kinect, Maya, Unity, and Pix2Pix

Computer Vision Experiments

Utilizing cameras to drive interactions and animations in Maya, Unity, openFrameworks, and Ableton Live

Machine Learning Experiments using ml5, openFrameworks, tensorflow,and pix2pix

Machine Learning Experiments

Utilizing various machine learning frameworks to explore their application in art+technology

Making Machines Talk Workshops through PNCA and ITP at NYU

Making Machines Talk

ITP & PNCA Course - make software and hardware cooperate outside of their pre-programmed boundaries.

Arduino Mystery Box

Arduino Mystery Box

Collecting all the artifacts and placing them in their slots opens a secret door to treasure. Motors, microcontrollers, and sensors

Slack Bluetooth DND device with Lightblue Bean

Slack Do Not Disturb Device

Pressing a button cues a red signal light and sets your DND mode on in Slack via Bluetooth / Microcontroller

Generative graphics for Cave Exits by Peter Burr

Cave Exits Prototypes

Generative experiments in Processing for Cave Exits, by Peter Burr. Maze generation, cellular automata, and 10print.

Carpentry and Home Remodel Projects

Carpentry + Remodel

Various wood working and home remodel jobs, including a ground to ceiling basement remodel and tiny house.

HP 2Days Beat Crowd-sourced live music video

2Days Beat

Interface for HP's 2 day live-streamed crowd-sourced recording session feat. Vic Mensa.

IBM Watson Cognitive Cooking Food Truck

Cognitive Cooking

Installation for IBM's mobile food truck - vote on your favorite AI-generated dish and eat up!