React Native Zoomable Image Carousel

Code to implement an image carousel in react native where the carousel can be launched into a 'modal' mode and each image can be zoomed

TAGS: react,react native,javascript,carousel,zoom

I was recently asked to build an image carousel of product thumbnails in React Native, which you could isolate the carousel on click, making the rest of the app fade out to be able to focus on just product imagery. The client also wanted to be able to zoom in on any one particular image for more detail. Here’s what I came up with:

scroll accordion in react native

I built a stripped down version of it in Exponent’s Codepen-style Snack app, but the zooming doesn't work in Snack for some reason. The functional version (which would be easier to integrate into a more fully featured react native app, if you have one, is in an open source git repo here