Animated Image Zoom in React Native Scroll View

Create a user controlled image zoom / pan with animated zoom reset using the React Native Scroll View component.

TAGS: react,react native,javascript,zoom

In React Native, a ScrollView component used to contain a single image can be used to zoom in on the object by setting the maximumScale and minimumScale props. The ScrollView documentation lists a currentScale property, as well as a scrollTo and onScroll property, but what might not be obvious is how to reset the scale of an image programmatically, especially if you want to animate that transition.

import React, { Component } from 'react'
import { ScrollView, Image, TouchableHighlight} from 'react-native'
export default class ZoomView extends Component {
static defaultProps = {
  doAnimateZoomReset: false,
  maximumZoomScale: 2,
  minimumZoomScale: 1,
  zoomHeight: deviceHeight, 
  zoomWidth: deviceWidth,
handleResetZoomScale = (event) => {
     x: 0, 
     y: 0, 
     width: this.props.zoomWidth, 
     height: this.props.zoomHeight, 
     animated: true 
setZoomRef = node => { //the ScrollView has a scrollResponder which allows us to access more methods to control the ScrollView component
  if (node) {
    this.zoomRef = node
    this.scrollResponderRef = this.zoomRef.getScrollResponder()
render() {
  return (
      contentContainerStyle={{ alignItems: 'center', justifyContent: 'center' }} //flexbox styles
      centerContent //centers content when zoom is less than scroll view bounds 
      refNode={this.setZoomRef} //helps us get a reference to this ScrollView instance
      style={{ overflow: 'hidden' }}

The code above will allow us to click on the image inside the ScrollView to animate a return to normal scale and position.