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Reading data from USB devices using javascript

I have a web-based application which needed to be able to read barcodes from museum visitors via a USB barcode reader. The web application was already using node.js to transmit other data via web sockets between the back and front end, so I figured I’d see if there was a way to utilize node to read the serial port data from USB and transmit that to the web application as well.

Luckily, people are awesome, and someone had already created a node serial port library. I created a git repo where

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Smooth organic animation around a specific point in javascript

I recently found a very cool example in d3 of a series of particles which cluster together and scatter when you put your mouse cursor near them. It would work well for the intro to an installation I was working on for a museum. However, the museum requested that when no one was interacting with the device, that the animation happen passively. To do so, I needed to simulate the movement of the mouse cursor on the screen. The most interesting aspect of the example was when the cursor was in the

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password protected pages with dynamic redirect after login in codeigniter

Codeigniter provides all of the tools you might need to implement authentication on your website, but it would be a lot of work to create login pages, a user management system, a forgot my password feature, etc. Luckily, Ben Edmunds has developed a great third party authentication system for codeigniter called ion auth which is about as close to plug and play as it gets. The only thing I found necessary to do afterward was to create some method of sending unauthenticated users who access a

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