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Infrared Tripwire LED Stair Lights

I built a pair of very unsafe stairs to my loft, and after falling off them one morning and nearly destroying my laptop in the process, I decided to make some motion triggered lights for the stairs. While contemplating giving the stairs an effect like Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean Video, my end goal was to have them be subtle and simple and all the wiring to be hidden, so as not to get the whole thing vetoed.


I found these LED strips at adafruit. They’re way overblown for my

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Arduino Secret Box

I’ve been looking for a way to improve my skills with circuits and arduino, and figured a surprise box for my girlfriend would force me to learn. I had a simple idea - items placed in the box would activate a secret door in the box with a special surprise inside…

I thought I’d share a little of my process so that anyone who’s interested can avoid making the same mistakes I did, and hopefully learn a few things too.

My initial attempts were way too overblown for my skill level. I wanted to

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Nested Grids and Grid Overrides in Singularity for Sass

Singularity is a really nice grid system to incorporate into your sass / compass project, but it can be a bit confusing to understand how to use it for more complex CSS layouts, such as those involving nested grids or grid overrides. This video shows how to accomplish those tasks.

You’ll need to have singularity installed and working (along with SASS of course), which this video does not cover - but it’s fairly easy if you have brew installed. Simply run brew install compass, and brew install

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