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Sending graphics from openFrameworks to other applications in real time via Syphon

This is a quick video tutorial I put together to show you how to get graphics out of an openFrameworks project and into another application (in this case Max MSP), using the free application Syphon. Syphon utilizes the IOSurface framework to store graphics on a buffer which can be received by other applications. Here I use an openFrameworks project called ofxSlitscan to manipulate the webcam feed to utilize slitscanning, then pass the slitscanned video on to Max MSP, where I can continue to

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Automated screenshot image sequences on a mac with applescript

I recently worked on a video project which required taking a series of nearly ten thousand frames of 1920x1080 still images from a program called Golly - which simulates Conway’s Game of Life. While the program has a built-in script which can create animated gifs, these are very slow to work with in After Effects, and very slow to create for complex patterns. In addition, they could only be created for the 1:1 scale in Golly, and I wanted to really focus on the macro details of cellular

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Infrared Tripwire LED Stair Lights

I built a pair of very unsafe stairs to my loft, and after falling off them one morning and nearly destroying my laptop in the process, I decided to make some motion triggered lights for the stairs. While contemplating giving the stairs an effect like Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean Video, my end goal was to have them be subtle and simple and all the wiring to be hidden, so as not to get the whole thing vetoed.


I found these LED strips at adafruit. They’re way overblown for my

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