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Hide the play button in a vimeo video

What is it with video services and their play buttons? Both youtube and vimeo fiercely protect the desire to place a big glowing play button in the center of your videos. Vimeo “experimentally” has added a method of hiding the play button as part of an initiative to allow “background” videos, as posted here, by simply using this in the embed code:

where the button is disabled with the “background=1” url parameter.

But strangely this method also involves automatically playing your video,

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Launching a Google Chrome App on system startup in Windows or OSX

I recently had to figure out how to launch a chrome app on system startup for a museum exhibit I was creating, and couldn’t figure out how to auto-launch the app on startup. In a Mac, you’d normally just go to system preferences, choose the user account, and choose the app (in this case, from /Users/Applications/Chrome Apps/). But that didn’t work for me. Luckily it wasn’t too hard to figure out for Windows or PC.

Chrome Apps aren’t actually stand alone apps, they just launch chrome with

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Fixing the case where a css transition does not fire when showing a hidden element with javascript

I’ve been running into this issue for years and finally found an easy hack to fix it. The probem:

You have an element that is hidden by default with CSS. You want to show it when you click a button or something, but have it fade in with a css transition (vs javascript). So you set the following CSS:

So, then you have your javascript action which shows the element:

But for some reason, it does not animate - it goes right to its visible state without the animated fade. Why? Not sure. How

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